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Tooth Extractions in Vienna, VA

At Virginia Oral Surgery Specialists, we offer various professional tooth extraction services to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple tooth extraction or a more complex procedure, we’re here to help. Our expert tooth extraction oral surgeon in Vienna, VA knows exactly how to efficiently extract your teeth and keep your beautiful smile intact!  With advanced training in tooth exodontia, we have become one of the premier providers of teeth removal in Vienna and surrounding communities.

Knowing you need any natural teeth extracted can leave you feeling conflicted. However, it is usually for the benefit of your overall dental health. Our team is here to help you choose a replacement tooth option that best fits your needs if you have a tooth extracted, such as dental implants or bridges.

Why might you require a dental extraction?

There are many reasons tooth extractions are necessary. Our team will evaluate the situation and ensure that an extraction is, in fact, the best course of action before moving forward. Many times, extraction is necessary to preserve your oral health.

Some reasons for dental extractions include:

  • You have an impacted tooth
  • Your tooth is severely decayed
  • You have an infected tooth
  • Your tooth is affecting another tooth
  • You have extra teeth crowding your mouth
  • You have a broken tooth that cannot be repaired
  • Prepare the teeth for orthodontic treatment

Whether you are having a wisdom tooth removed or any other tooth extraction procedure, Dr. Akbar Dawood DMD is here to ensure your comfort and safety.

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Tooth Extraction Vienna, VA

What can you expect during a tooth extraction?

At Virginia Oral Surgery Specialists, your safety and comfort are our top priority. Our empathetic oral surgeon, Dr. Akbar Dawood will always take the time to explain the dental extraction process and answer any questions you may have before your appointment.

Once you’re ready, the dental extraction will be performed using local anesthesia to numb the area and minimize discomfort. Our surgeon may recommend sedation to help you relax in some cases. Our team will closely monitor you throughout the procedure to ensure your safety and comfort.

After your dental extraction, it’s important to follow our post-operative instructions to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

Types of Dental Extractions at Virginia Oral Surgeon Specialists

There are two main types of dental extractions: simple and surgical.
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Simple Dental Extractions

A simple dental extraction is also known as a “regular” dental extraction. This type of dental extraction is performed on teeth that are visible and easily accessible. Local anesthesia will be used to numb the area and minimize any discomfort. The dental extraction will be performed using dental forceps, and you may feel some pressure during the procedure.

Surgical Dental Extractions

A surgical dental extraction is a more complex procedure performed on teeth that are not easily visible or accessible. This type of dental extraction is usually performed on wisdom teeth. However, it can also be used for other teeth that are impacted, damaged,  have long roots  or are surrounded by dense bone.

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After Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

It’s important to follow our instructions after your wisdom teeth have been extracted. We will provide you with everything you need to know before leaving our dental office. You can expect swelling and discomfort after your procedure. However, this is normal and will resolve on its own. We will provide pain medication to help manage discomfort.

You will want to refrain from the following:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking through a straw
  • Eating hard or crunchy foods
  • Vigorous mouth rinsing or tampering with the surgical site

You will want to eat soft foods and gently rinse the area with warm salt water to help with the swelling. You can also use ice packs to help minimize the swelling and ease pain from the procedure.

We will see you for a follow-up appointment to ensure that your dental extraction site is healing properly. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our dental office. Our team is here to help you through every step of the dental extraction process.

What is the cost of tooth extraction?

The tooth extraction cost varies depending on the dental extraction you need. Simple dental extractions are typically less expensive than surgical, dental extractions. We accept dental insurance, and we will work with you to maximize your benefits. The extractions range from $200 to $800 per tooth.

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Tooth Extraction in Vienna, VA

At Virginia Oral Surgery Specialists, we offer various dental extraction services to meet your needs. We provide both simple and surgical dental extractions, and we will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. To learn more about our tooth extraction services in Vienna, contact our practice today and schedule your appointment.

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