Virginia Oral Surgery Specialists are experienced in treating all types of facial trauma. Dr. Dawood is a top-rated oral and maxillofacial surgeon with experience treating jaw, dental, and facial injuries in Vienna, VA.

Jaw Fractures

Jaw fractures are a relatively common type of injury, especially in young adults. Jaw fractures can vary in severity, from a simple break to a complete dislocation of the jawbone. Treatment for a jaw fracture often includes immobilizing the jaw with wires or screws, followed by surgery to repair the break. Sometimes, physical therapy could be necessary to regain full range of motion. Fractured jaws can be painful and debilitating, but most patients fully recover with proper treatment.

Facial Trauma

A facial trauma is a condition in which the bones of the face break and can possibly  become displaced from their regular positions. Facial dislocations can be very painful and cause the face to look deformed.

Surgery is usually necessary to realign the bones. In some cases, wires or plates may hold the bones in place while they heal. In other cases, the dislocated bone may need to be removed and replaced with an artificial bone or metal implant.

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Facial Injuries

Facial injuries can occur for various reasons, ranging from car accidents to falls to sports injuries. No matter the cause, facial injuries can be painful and debilitating, often resulting in swelling, bruising, and even broken bones. In severe cases, facial trauma can lead to long-term scarring or disfigurement. For this reason, it is essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible after sustaining a facial injury. A trained oral surgery professional can provide the necessary treatment to minimize the risk of permanent damage. With prompt and proper care, most people who suffer from facial injuries make a full recovery.

Dental Trauma

Dental trauma can occur for various reasons, ranging from falls and car accidents to sporting injuries. In severe cases, the trauma can result in fractured teeth or even avulsed teeth (teeth that have been completely knocked out). Therefore, prompt treatment is essential to minimizing the long-term damage. 

If you have suffered dental trauma, you will likely need to see an oral surgeon for treatment. The oral surgeon will assess the extent of the damage and decide on the best course of action. This may involve stabilizing the teeth with wires or brackets, performing root canal surgery, or extracting the damaged teeth. In some cases, dental implants may also be required. 

With prompt and proper treatment, most people who suffer dental trauma make a full recovery and retain their natural teeth. However, it is essential to note that untreated dental trauma can lead to severe complications, such as infection, nerve damage, and permanent tooth loss. Therefore, if you have suffered any dental injury, it is crucial to seek professional treatment as soon as possible.

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