Facial cosmetics are products used to improve the appearance of the face. These products are typically used to treat signs of aging. Facial cosmetics can enhance the appearance of scars, birthmarks, and other skin blemishes.

Virginia Oral Surgery Specialists uses innovative technology to offer facial cosmetics in Vienna, VA. Our clients using our skincare services get the same experience as a medical spa under the guidance of Dr. Dawood.

Injectable Treatments

Injectable cosmetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a non-surgical option for achieving desired results. There are various injectables services available, each designed to target specific concerns. Injectable treatments are typically very safe, with minimal side effects.

The treatment results are also temporary, lasting several months before requiring touch-ups. Injectable treatments offer an ideal solution for achieving their desired appearance for many people.


The active ingredient in Botox is the botulinum toxin, which is a potent neuromodulator. When injected into the skin, it works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause lines. This results in a smoother, more youthful appearance. 

A trained medical professional like Dr. Dawood must administer Botox injections, and the effects typically last for four to six months. After this time, the muscles will gradually regain their ability to contract, and the lines will slowly reappear. However, you can sometimes experience prolonged results with continued regular treatment services.


Facial fillers are made from various materials, including hyaluronic acid and collagen, and they can provide natural-looking results that last for several months. However, the exact duration will depend on the type of filler used and the individual’s skin type and lifestyle habits. 

Fillers are typically injected using a very fine needle, and the entire process usually takes less than an hour. There is also no downtime associated with facial fillers, and most people can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment services. While there is a small risk of bruising or swelling at the injection site, these side effects are usually temporary and will resolve on their own within a few days.

Results of Injectables

Injectables help diminish lines such as the worry lines between your eyebrows, smile lines around your mouth, or lines on your forehead. Results are noticeable immediately and last for several months. The exact life of the treatment will depend on which material was used, skincare routines, and the patient’s skin type.

It is typically recommended that you wait about two weeks before getting additional skincare treatments using a laser, such as laser hair removal.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a popular skincare procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of the skin. The treatment involves applying an acidic solution to the skin, which causes the outer layer of skin to peel away, revealing the fresh, unblemished skin underneath to show your natural beauty.

Types of Chemical Peels

There are three main types of chemical peels: superficial, medium, and deep. Superficial peels are the most gentle and have the shortest recovery time, while medium peels penetrate deeper into the skin. Medium peels provide more noticeable results but require a more extended recovery period. Deep peels reach the deepest layers of skin and give the most dramatic results, but they also carry the most significant risk of side effects and require the longest recovery time.

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Risks of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are generally safe when performed by a qualified surgeon like Dr. Dawood. Patients should expect redness and swelling after the procedure, but this typically subsides within a week. More significant side effects include scarring, infection, and changes in skin color. Overall, chemical peels are a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of the skin.

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Advantages of Chemical Peel

Peels can be customized to meet each patient’s specific needs, and they offer a safe and effective alternative to more invasive procedures such as laser skin resurfacing. In addition, peels are relatively affordable and have a short recovery time. 

Peels can also be more versatile for the skin types that will benefit from these facials than alternatives like laser skin resurfacing. For example, clients with darker skin tones need to be more cautious about pursuing laser treatments, but peel services can be used more freely.

Facial peels can also help your skincare products become more effective. By removing the top layer(s) of skin, the skincare serums and creams can penetrate the deeper layers of skin, where they can have the most dramatic effect. 

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