A dental implant is a great way to replace a missing tooth. Dr. Dawood is experienced in implant dentistry, and he provides high-quality care for each of his patients. If you are considering implants, contact our office for more information. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you determine if implants are the right choice for you.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implant placement is an option for patients who suffer from tooth loss and need replacement teeth. The implant is a titanium post surgically inserted by an oral surgeon through the gum tissue and into the jawbone; the implant post functions as an artificial tooth root. Over time, the implants bond with the surrounding bone, anchoring it securely.

Once the implant fuses with the bone, an artificial tooth (called a crown) is attached to the post. Different dental implants can support a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even a complete set of dentures. The most considerable advantage of dental implants is that they look and function like natural teeth. With proper care, implants will last a lifetime.

Is a bone graft required for a dental implant procedure?

In most cases, the surgery does not require a bone graft. However, there are some instances where bone grafting may be necessary. This typically occurs when the bone in the jaw is insufficient to support the implant. In these cases, a small amount of bone material is transplanted from another area of the body. The graft helps create a stable foundation for the implant, which can then be securely attached to the jawbone.

The Benefits of a Dental Implant Procedure

While it’s true that implants blend perfectly with the surrounding teeth to give you a beautiful smile, there are other advantages. For example, a dental implant can help preserve bone density in the jaw. When you lose a tooth, the bone around that tooth begins to deteriorate. Implants provide stimulation to the bone, preventing it from becoming weak.

In addition, implants can improve your speech and make eating easier. Traditional dentures can slip and slide in your mouth, causing discomfort and difficulty speaking. Implants are anchored in place, providing a stable platform for your teeth. They are a permanent solution to missing teeth, whereas patients must replace dentures after several years due to wear.

Are there any risks associated with dental implant surgery?

Although it is natural to be concerned about the pain that may be caused by these procedures, most patients do not experience severe or significant post-operative pain. Pain medication and antibiotics will be prescribed for you to make your recovery as easy as possible. Occasionally, some people develop post-operative infections that require additional antibiotic treatment. Even though great care is taken to place the implant precisely, occasionally adjacent teeth are injured in the placement process. In addition, there is a chance that the nerve in the lower jaw, which provides sensation to your lower lip and chin, may be affected. If you are missing quite a lot of bone, it might be difficult to place an implant without infringing on the nerve space. Although we take great care to avoid this nerve, occasionally it is irritated during the procedure, resulting in tingling, numbness or a complete lack of sensation in your lip, chin or tongue. Usually these altered sensations will resolve within time, but they can be permanent and/or painful. If you notify us of post-operative numbness as soon as possible, it will allow us to manage your care in the most appropriate way.

Finally, there is a minimal risk of implant rejection when the body does not accept the artificial tooth roots.

The risks for dental implant procedures are rare when performed by experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons like Dr. Dawood. While it is essential to understand the risks, most dental implants replace missing teeth successfully with no complications.

How much does dental implant surgery cost?

The total cost of an implant, abutment, and crown starts at $3,500.

If you need additional procedures like extraction, bone grafting, or sinus lift, this will impact the total cost of treatment. Our staff will work with you in every way possible to avoid cost as a barrier to receiving dental implants.


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